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Estevão & Costa Lda., provides services in waste managementcollection, transport and treatment of urban solid waste and regular industrials; dirt and rubble transportation; urban Cleaning and maintenance, as well as garden and other public spaces; demolitions and construction materials transport, import and supply of construction materials, goods and equipments.

Estevão & Costa Lda. politics is based on quality and efficiency.
We care about our operational teams' good performance and about the general satisfaction both of the served population and the hired entity. The following is very important: the correct sizing of any system, the follow-up, monitoring and work improvement.

In abstract, we work for the continuous improvement of the provided services.

While in charge of several projects, Estevão & Costa Lda., as been assuming an ever more demanding position towards the quality of the services it provides.

This position is the reflection of the current level of maturity and professionalism reached by our company. Compromise and dedication are what ensures results, which, ultimately, represent the image we wish to see associated to Estevão & Costa Lda.


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Estêvão & Costa
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Estêvão & Costa-Construção,Obras Públicas e Transportes Lda (Alto do Pacheco)
Alto do Pacheco - Estêvão & Costa

Development and innovation are our ambitions to better serve.

Avenida V-6 Alto do Pacheco
8500-510 PORTIMÃO
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